Networking in Hiking Boots

huiijI just got home from a great event called, #ROXTWEET, which was a “Tweetup” meetup event where participants exchanged twitter handles, business cards, networked and mingled with like-minded movers and shakers in the community.
hipppThere were a lot of topics and questions and comments and every new connection was “tweeted” on the big screen.  Hike4Life got a shout out from City Councilor Tito Jackson, whom we’ve threatened to kidnap him if he doesn’t hike with us this year.hike4Bumped into a future candidate for State Representative, Eric Esteves.  I also met other great people that are working in education, health and politics.
popppWhen I first began attending networking events, I was told that, networking is “professional flirting”, not sure if I disagree or agree.

You see someone, you smile at them, if they smile back, you go over to introduce yourself, you exchange numbers or cards or emails and you ask if you can meet again sometime, possibly over coffee or lunch and 9 times out of 10 your successful.  Way better odds than regular flirting.
hike4This was our 2nd RoxTweet event and Hike4Life had a great time at the Haley House Bakery & Cafe, tweeting, socializing and putting our name out there to those that do not know that we exist or the service we offer to the community.

Looking forward to building and maintaining new relationships.

J.F. (follow us @hike4urlife)


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